North country lawmaker criticizes Cuomo’s 4-day State of the State address

North country lawmaker criticizes Cuomo’s 4-day State of the State address
Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (Source: WWNY)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - North country Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R. - 117th District) is criticizing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 4-day State of the State address.

The Republican lawmaker says Cuomo should have spent the time working on getting the COVID-19 vaccine distributed across New York.

He issued the following statement:

“Instead of lecturing us for four days about the massive state budget he has largely created, green energy and the arts, the governor’s time could have been better spent working for the people of New York and speeding up our vaccine distribution process. The governor went as far as saying New York is the “progressive capital of the nation,” which North Country and Mohawk Valley voters never want to hear. I say to the governor, let’s stop the political theater and get to work on unleashing our economy by defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today concluded the governor’s four-day rollout of his State of the State Address. Like many others, I believe his remarks this week left more questions than answers. There was little-to-no detail on the vaccine distribution process. The state has been slow out of the gate getting the vaccine to those in need. This is largely due to the governor scrapping county-by-county plans that had been in place for years. These plans were specifically made for times like these when mass vaccination is set to occur. Instead, the governor wanted to centralize vaccine distribution in the executive branch and it has left local health and elected officials in a state of confusion.

“Many in my district are unsure when they can even get the vaccine. Getting the vaccine in the arms of those who want it is our most pressing issue. It will help us defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and most importantly, get our small businesses open faster. It will get people back to work and get hardworking North Country and Mohawk Valley workers off unemployment. The governor’s lockdown orders have been a crushing blow to our area and state as a whole. Since the beginning of the pandemic my constituents have scarcely heard from the governor and Department of Labor on unemployment. My office gets daily calls from residents in despair and their personal economic situations are in peril. The unemployment is getting caught up in Albany’s bureaucracy, the best stimulus for our people is to send them back to work and lift the drastic lockdowns. I will continue to advocate for those being left behind by this governor in the new year.”

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