Our tribute to our colleague Jeff Shannon

WWNY Our tribute to our colleague Jeff Shannon

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Our colleague Jeff Shannon passed away Wednesday morning from COVID-19 complications. In life, we hear the advice: do what you love. Jeff loved television and he loved his hometown station, Channel 7.

As a kid, Jeff Shannon watched Channel 7. As an adult, he watched over it - doing essential jobs with excellence, care and professionalism.

In 32 years of service at Channel 7, he’d make sure we were on the air and what we put on the air was good enough for you, our viewer.

He could shoot news stories and commercials. He often directed our morning and noon news broadcasts. And he kept us on the air by running and managing our master control department - that’s where our signal leaves us to get to you.

When it was live, Jeff thrived. There’s nothing like live television and when Labor Day came around, Jeff’s job was ‘floor manager’ for our MDA telethons.

“Being a live event, a lot of fun things can happen. My job as a floor manager - my main job is to keep people from walking in front of the cameras when they aren’t supposed to. I don’t always succeed. Telling Mel and Cindy where to go is always a particular pleasure for me,” Jeff told us a few years ago.

He loved promoting Channel 7. For years he was in charge of it. Those greetings you saw every Christmas? That was Jeff. He made sure we all were in them, including himself in a rare on-camera appearance. Another was in our Christmas band with a triangle in his hands, a quirky expression on his face, and love for his coworkers in his heart.

It’s fair if his face was unfamiliar to you, but his voice was unmistakable.

Jeff loved teaming up Channel 7 with community events and producing the commercials. We looked forward each year to the commercials he’d voice - especially the ads for Super Science Saturday and the Irish Festival.

His voice on weekends would wake you up. His Z93wind show proved Jeff had a knack for knowledge.

Jeff will be dearly missed as a communicator, community member and colleague. He leaves behind his wife Donna, their 2 children, Jordan and Brittany, and countless friends.

A career committed to communication at his hometown tv station is now silenced, but we’re certain he won’t stop watching over Channel 7.

The Shannon Family and Jefferson County College have created a fund to support students in Jeff’s memory.

To make a gift in honor of Jeff Shannon go to www.sunyjefferson.edu/jccgiving or call 315-786-2458.

Donations can also be sent to:

Jefferson Community College Foundation

1220 Coffeen Street

Watertown, NY 13601

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