SPCA: energetic Ginger

SPCA: energietic Ginger

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Ginger is a high-energy dog who needs room to run.

The 2-year-old mixed breed is this week’s featured pet from the Jefferson County SPCA.

Executive director Jordan Walker-Rodriguez says she’s very friendly, not aggressive, and gets along well with other dogs.

Ginger may or may not be part pit bull, but Walker-Rodriguez says the shelter generally takes in a lot of pit mixes.

Pit bulls often get a bad reputation, “but they really are sweet dogs,” Walker-Rodriguez said, depending on how they’re treated by their owners.

You can check out the SPCA’s available pets at jeffersoncountyspca.org. That’s also where you can schedule an appointment to see Ginger or any of the other animals.

You can also call 315-782-3260.

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