Stefanik target of new ad from anti-Trump group

WWNY Stefanik target of new ad from anti-Trump group

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) - North country congresswoman Elise Stefanik is the target of a new online ad from the anti-President Trump group “The Lincoln Project.”

The ad ties Stefanik to the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

“This is your coup, this is your siege, this is your insurrection,” the narrator says, as scenes from the day’s riots are shown.

“With your support of Donald Trump, you have brought the shame to America. You authorized this. You condoned this. You supported this. You Elise Stefanik and you will be held accountable. This disgrace is all yours.”

Stefanik objected to the outcome of the presidential race in four key states Joe Biden won - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan - and even after the insurrection was put down on the night of January 6, she took to the floor of congress to object to the vote in Pennsylvania.

While Stefanik argues there were “constitutional issues” with the votes in those states, courts rejected those claims.

Democrats - and some Republicans - believe continuing claims the election was somehow tainted, even with no evidence to support the claims, were the primary cause of the January 6 riots.

Reed Galen from the Lincoln Project said Monday his group anticipates playing a role in 2022, when Stefanik will be up for re-election.

“If there’s been anybody who’s been a bigger disappointment to so many people who call themselves moderate, establishment, normal Republicans, former Republicans, in the United States congress today, I would have to say that it’s congresswoman Stefanik,” Galen said.

“Let me say this about congresswoman Stefanik: we should understand that it was never about conviction. It was always about ambition.” ‘He said the Lincoln Project will focus on “just what it means to endorse and comply with sedition, and that’s what she’s done.”

Whether Stefanik cares is an open question.

She won re-election in November by nearly 20 points against a well-funded Democratic opponent; her political action committee delivered a string of victories - and new Republican members of congress; she has solidified her support with the President Trump wing of the party, as shown by Vice-President Mike Pence making a trip to Fort Drum Sunday and lavishly praising Stefanik during a speech there.

An aide to Stefanik, Alex Degrasse, responded to the Lincoln Project ad with a statement:

“The Lincoln Project is currently implicated in a massive sexual abuse and harassment scandal. One co-founder is a serial sexual abuser and a paid Russian agent, and the other co-founder is a known confederate sympathizer.

“Democrats, Never Trumpers, and scampac organizations like The Lincoln Project spent nearly 7 million dollars trying to beat Congresswoman Stefanik. And North Country voters stunningly rebuked these desperate Never Trump organizations by re-electing Elise with the highest number of votes of any Congressional candidate in the history of the North Country.”

The reference to sexual harassment and Russia apparently refers to one of the founders of the group, John Weaver, who left the Lincoln Project last summer. The reference to the confederacy is to a beverage cooler which apparently belonged to another of the group’s founders, which was decorated with Confederate markings and the words “The south will rise again.”

Of the aide’s comments, Galen said “I would say congratulations to congresswoman Stefanik for signing on to what we have consistently seen as eastern European and Russian authoritarian political tactics and language. So she can add that to the list of things we’ll describe to her voters.”

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