Clayton girl makes ribbons, raises thousands of dollars to fight cancer

WWNY Clayton girl makes ribbons, raises thousands of dollars to fight cancer

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Clayton girl has raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society.

When the pandemic stopped Olivia Walton from helping at her grandparent’s shop, she found another way to pitch in.

“So we were thinking about what was a fun fundraiser and what would be good to raise money for and we thought about cancer,” she said.

To raise those funds Olivia made and sold ribbons. Her original goal was $1,200.

When she passed that, the bar moved to more than $2,100.

“I ended up raising $3,015,” she said.

Olivia raised all this before turning 12 and it’s a cause that hits close to home for her and her family.

“My great-grandparents both died from cancer when my mom was pretty young,” she said.

Walton made different color ribbons to signify different types of cancer. She says some hold special meaning.

“This is for brain cancer. My aunt is a survivor from brain cancer, so this one means a lot to me,” she said.

Olivia’s mom, Rachel Minnick, says she’s proud of what her daughter has accomplished at such a young age.

“I remember what I was doing at 11 and my thoughts were definitely not, ‘How can I raise money to support a good cause,’” she said.

Don Boshart from the American Cancer Society says the money will help fund organization programs and services; some will also go to cancer research.

“Someone who’s almost 12 to raise $3,000 is the kind of support our organization needs, looks for, and certainly appreciates,” he said.

Olivia wants to see her donation help in the fight against cancer.

“I really hope that this $3,015 really makes it that much closer to finding a cure for cancer,” she said.

Olivia says she won’t stop at this $3,000. She wants to find more causes to raise money and awareness for.

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