Fort Drum soldiers’ spouses receive special gift from the Pences

Updated: Jan. 20, 2021 at 11:00 AM EST
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FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - During their Sunday visit to Fort Drum, former Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, thanked soldiers’ spouses with a special gift.

They let them know their sacrifices are appreciated.

“I’ve had the privilege over the last four years to choose what initiative I’ve wanted to champion and I chose military spouses because we know they serve too,” said Mrs. Pence.

In fact, the Pence family knows first-hand what it’s like.

“We are a Blue Star family just like your families,” said Mrs. Pence.

The Pences’ son and son-in-law are both members of the military. To show their appreciation for families who support our servicemembers, they brought a gift - a bracelet with Mrs. Pence’s signature, a star, and an American flag.

“So they know when they wear it, how grateful I am, and how grateful we are for their service,” said Mrs. Pence.

“It was just really unexpected. I wasn’t expecting to leave with a gift other than to hear the vice president speak and his wife. It just goes to show the ends they go through to make us feel appreciated,” said Marissa Gebert, military spouse.

Gebert says it is a challenge to be a military spouse, and be a constant pillar of support in the family, so it is humbling to be recognized.

“The gratitude is felt, so thank you so much,” said Major Andrew Gebert.

The Pences’ visit was their last public appearance as the acting vice president and second lady. They said they were honored to spend their final stop thanking those who serve.

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