Inauguration becomes teachable moment for local students

WWNY Inauguration becomes teachable moment for local students

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A snow day for the Copenhagen Central School District meant extra time for Madison Allen to watch Joe Biden’s inauguration. The high school senior is looking for more unity.

“I just hope everybody could come together as Americans and try to make America a better place, or even better than before,” she said.

Just as significant for Allen is Kamala Harris being sworn in as vice president, as the first female, Black, and South Asian to hold the seat.

“She can help so many people, such as me, and other people who are in similar situations, to understand that we can find a place of power,” said Allen.

Beaver River Central School District had students in seats Wednesday.

U.S. history teacher Michael Kogut says the day’s lesson didn’t revolve around the inauguration, but he made time to answer any questions kids had.

“We kind of went through and talked about how the inauguration is a unique symbol of the United States, celebrating its democracy, the transition of power, Joe Biden taking his oath of office,” he said.

Indian River Central School District is fully remote right now, but the social studies department offered students a link to watch the inauguration.

“For the kids, it’s important for them to know that this is how America works. The sun comes up, we still have a government. Life is good,” said social studies coach Vicki McCullouch.

She added that seeing Harris step into the role of vice president was a big part of the event.

“To be able to say to a kid, whether you’re boy or a girl, you can be president, you can be vice president, that’s a pretty big thing,” she said.

Kogut says he expects more discussion with students about the inauguration in the coming days.

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