Stefanik will not join Trump impeachment team

Stefanik will not join Trump impeachment team
Those who track and grade lawmakers on a scale from left to right concede it’s an inexact science, but data shows Representative Elise Stefanik is a moderate trending right in recent years. (Source: wwny)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) - North country congresswoman Elise Stefanik will not be a part of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, the Watertown Times reported.

Last week, Bloomberg News - citing a “person familiar with the matter” - reported Stefanik may be among those defending the ex-president at a senate impeachment trial.

But a spokeswoman for Stefanik told the Watertown Times there have been “no formal or informal discussions” about Stefanik serving on the defense team.

“She will continue to be a leading national voice opposing President Trump’s impeachment,” the spokeswoman said.

Stefanik was one of then-President Trump’s most public defenders during his first impeachment trial in early 2020, and she has declined, for the most part, to criticize Trump for the events of January 6, in which rioters stormed the Capitol.

The impeachment charge against the ex-president accuses him of inciting the mob.

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