Families complain about lack of communication during COVID outbreak at Carthage nursing home

WWNY Families complain about lack of communication during COVID outbreak at Carthage nursing home

CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jefferson County Board of Legislators Chairman Scott Gray says he’s fielding a number of complaints about a nursing home dealing with a COVID outbreak. Families say there’s a lack of communication.

Like many nursing homes, Carthage Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak.

But, Gray says he’s hearing from concerned family members who have loved ones inside the facility.

“We have been hearing a regular cadence of complaints from family members out of that facility that the facility is just not talking to them,” he said.

And Gray has the same concerns. His uncle, Richard Mihalyi, had been in the nursing home since November. Gray says he was diagnosed with COVID-19 four days ago and passed away Monday morning. He was 97.

Gray’s cousin tells us that she called the facility every day for 2 weeks when COVID cases spiked in the facility and didn’t hear anything until the facility learned he was positive.

David Jones has two family members in the facility. He says his dozen phone calls haven’t been returned.

“It’s been absolutely disgusting trying to communicate with the nursing home,” he said.

In a statement, the director of corporate communications, Jeff Jacomowitz, said, “Carthage Center knows and understands families and the community have questions and families of those who have tested positive are immediately informed. Leadership at Carthage Center has communicated with families of residents to relay the information saying to consistently check the website with regards to any information related to COVID-19.”

According to the facility’s website, as of Sunday, it has 48 residents and 35 staff members with active COVID-19 cases.

And on Monday, Jacomowitz said 3 more residents tested positive, bringing that total to 51.

According to Gray, public health says the facility has had 7 deaths in the last 7 days - 4 of them coming Monday.

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