7th Annual Snowtown Film Festival - Goes Virtual!

Good News it’s Ten Days Long This Year!

Snowtown Film Festival 2021 conversation


For the last seven years the North Country has been lucky to have our own film festival. Snowtown Film Festival has been such a blessing, culturally for the area. It couldn’t come at a better time either, smack dab in the middle of winter. A great event for cinephiles and the community to gather and experience the joy of film; I went every year.

But 2021 isn’t like every other year, and faced with Covid restrictions and wanting to keep everyone safe, the Snowtown Film Festival stepped up to the plate, reimagining, reorganizing for a virtual festival that looks fantastic.

I had an in depth conversation with one of the festival organizers, Marc Knapp discussing some of the highlights of this year’s festival.

Although the fun of watching the films live with an audience and running into friends between screenings of the great short films- will be gone, the virtual festival has many pluses that the traditional festival does not.

The festival is much longer this year. Normally a two day event – it is now a ten day event.

Because filmmakers don’t have to fret over winter driving and juggle busy schedules to travel here – there are more opportunities to interact live with filmmakers.

This includes the opening night gala on Saturday, January 30, when festival goers can join in a watch party of “If Looks Could Kill” 1991 with Watertown native, Richard Grieco. This will be followed by a talkback and question and answer session with Grieco.

Check out the full conversation above.

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