Cloris Leachman 1926-2021

A staggering nine Emmys, and even an Oscar

Cloris Leachman 1926-2021
Beloved Television Icon (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


One of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite shows (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), has passed-Cloris Leachman was 94. I thought she would live forever, and she will of course.

Her career expanded a jaw-dropping seven decades; from a live appearance on television in 1948, to a film in 2021 that hasn’t even been released yet.

She won a record eght Emmy awards for performance, nine if you count the daytime Emmy award.

Oh, she also has an Oscar for best supporting actress for The Last Picture Show (1971)– where she famously said in her acceptance speech “I’m having an amazing life, and it isn’t over yet.” INDEED!

She won two Emmys for her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and two for her work on Malcom in the Middle.

I am a huge fan of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and know every episode. For some of her most memorable work, check out these three episodes, (you can stream on Hulu).

My Brother’s Keeper, Season 3, episode 17

The Lars Affair, Season 4, episode 1

Phyllis Whips Inflation, Season 5, episode 18

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