Family speaks out about death of Rayne Stokes

WWNY Family speaks out about death of Rayne Stokes

TOWN OF CHAMPION, N.Y. (WWNY) - As a criminal investigation continues into the death of a 19 year old woman found unconscious in Watertown, her family speaks out. They tell 7 News they’re being patient for justice to be served.

Rayne Stokes’ sister, Deidra Dickerson, says she knew from the moment the detective knocked on her door: this was no accident.

“He was shaken up. It wasn’t a normal death. Something was wrong,” she said.

And then she saw Rayne.

“As soon as we saw her, you know, two plus two equals four, and we saw what we saw,” said Deidra.

Rayne Stokes passed away at Samaritan Medical Center on January 22, just hours after she was found unconscious on Watertown’s Veterans Memorial Riverwalk.

It’s now a criminal investigation.

“Especially, like out of all the people in the world, why did it have to be my baby sister, his daughter,” said Deidra.

Rayne’s father, Don Stokes, says he caught himself a couple of times thinking his daughter was still here.

“I went down the stairs this morning, not even thinking, because I had to run some errands real quick, and I went to go ask my daughter if she needed anything,” he said.

No arrests have been made as the investigation continues. But Rayne’s father says he knows who hurt his daughter.

“I know who they are. I know where they live. I stay away from them. I want the law to do their job. If I didn’t have two people in my house and it was just me, I’d be in jail,” he said.

The family’s focus now is to honor Rayne’s memory, wait for justice to be served - then they’ll find peace.

“As long as it doesn’t happen to somebody else by their hands, then it’ll have been for something,” said Deidra.

But for now, they remember Rayne’s spunkiness, passion, and love for animals.

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