Advisories, watches & warnings through early Sunday

Friday AM Weather

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Rain and snow will mix during the day and lake effect snow will kick in during the evening.

That means parts of the north country have weather alerts in effect until early Sunday morning.

There’s a winter weather advisory in effect for Jefferson and Lewis counties and southeastern St. Lawrence County until 7 p.m. Friday.

That’s because of a generalized system that will drop snow, rain, or a mixture and could cause slippery road conditions. Highs will be in the mid-30s.

After that, there’s lake effect.

There’s a lake effect storm warning for Jefferson County and northwestern St. Lawrence County from 7 p.m. Friday until 10 p.m. Saturday.

A winter storm watch for Lewis County starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 1 a.m. Sunday.

Places that get the most snow could see from 8 to 15 inches.

Highs on Saturday will be in the low 20s.

There’s a 50 percent chance of snow on Sunday. Highs will be in the upper 20s.

Highs will be in the 20s on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a chance of snow each day.

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