No 1B injections for Lewis County restaurant workers

Lewis County restaurant workers

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Restaurant workers in Lewis County will not be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1B.

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said local governments can add restaurant workers to their 1B eligibility list if they choose.

But Lewis County manager Ryan Piche says with the limited supply it does have, the county needs to focus on those who are already eligible and have been waiting before extending the vaccine to others.

“I think there’s plenty of 1B folks in the 1B category, especially our seniors who have not been properly served yet in Lewis County, so we’re not looking to expand that 1B eligibility right now,” Piche said. “But as supply increases, obviously we’ll be able to do more.”

Despite winter being its biggest season of the year, one restaurant we spoke to, Tugger’s, says they agree with Piche: the most vulnerable should be the top priority.

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