Plow drivers get in the mindset to dig the north country out

Plow drivers get in the mindset to dig the north country out

CALCIUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you looked outside, it may have looked white, very white.

Lake effect snow pounded areas all over the region on Saturday, leaving plow drivers like Jim Pennock to clean up the mess.

“My first year here I started just as a wingman to get used to the controls, the trucks, the routes. I worked for several different drivers and this route I ended up,” said Pennock.

Pennock has been driving for the Town of Hounsfield for almost 20 years now.

His 40 mile route takes over two hours to clear.

“You really learn to figure out where your problem spots are and the road hazards and the weather hazards and things like that. So it doesn’t take long once you start out at it. You get it figured out pretty quick,” said Pennock.

Other drivers, like David Smith, clear the streets in the City of Watertown.

Smith says he’s been at it since 2:30 in the morning because clearing city blocks can sometimes be a challenge.

“There are a lot of roads in the city and it will take a few hours, but the biggest thing for people is to slow down and when you see us coming at ya give us room,” said Smith.

Plow drivers say when the snow and wind pick up it like it did Saturday, visibility can get very difficult. But, they say that’s just part of the job.

A job that Pennock says keeps him coming back every year.

“It doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but the public does appreciate us being out here and It’s pretty tough but it’s kinda satisfying and rewarding,” said Pennock.

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