A place to podcast in downtown Watertown

A place to podcast in downtown Watertown

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Do you listen to podcasts? They’re essentially radio shows produced for the internet. Now, there’s a new place in downtown Watertown where your voice could be heard.

It’s called “H2O Studio.”

“We have three separate sets here where we can have people come in,” said studio co-owner Glenn Curry. “Plus, we have the ability remotely to interview people from wherever they are.”

H2O Studio will also shoot videos to help high school athletes get to the next level.

“Where we can actually highlight a young athlete’s future. And once we get that put into a presentation, we can send that out to athletic directors all around the country,” Curry said.

For co-owner Josh Kirnie, the studio is a megaphone for people looking to use their voice.

“We have an outlet for people that want to be heard and want to be creative, or just want to be recognized. And everybody at this point and time has something that they’re great at,” Kirnie said.

The owners will tell you a big draw of their operation is the professional setup, including production tools, microphones, and cameras. But another big draw is the view of public square.

“It happens to be at the 50 yard line, if this was a football field. So, what we’re looking at right where we are here is the fountain, the civil war statue,” Curry said.

And even though people can podcast from anywhere, Curry says his studio has the ability to elevate the production.

“Yes, people can do this in their basement, can do this in a broom closet if they want to. But, if they want to step it up to the next level, we can do that for them,” Curry said.

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