Simao will continue legal action in golf club case

Simao will continue legal action in golf club case

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown developer P.J. Simao plans to continue legal action regarding the Watertown Golf Club, after losing a court ruling.

State Supreme Court Justice James McClusky ruled Friday that the city was within its rights in allowing a parking area next to the golf club.

Simao had challenged the parking lot, arguing the city needed to hold a public hearing first.

“The City originally considered building a paved parking lot with all the necessary infrastructure for drainage, etc., " Judge McClusky wrote.

“The City reconsidered this position and instead decided to leave the property as is and designate it as an area that visitors to Thompson Park could utilize for parking.

“(Simao) does not point to a City Ordinance or rule that would not allow this action or require a public hearing,” the judge concluded.

Simao also argued the city failed to conduct a required environmental review before authorizing renovations at the golf club. The judge dismissed that claim as well.

Simao told 7 News his legal fight is not over.

““We will be serving discovery demands - and subpoenas - and moving forward with litigation,” he said.

“This is not the end, absolutely not. There’s still other outstanding issues that we will be pursuing.”

Simao, who owns the city’s other golf course, Ives Hill Country Club, has long maintained the city unfairly advantaged the Watertown Golf Club with a big price break on the land the golf club leases, as well as unfair actions by the city council in approving renovations at the golf club.

The Watertown Golf Club is owned by a rival developer, Michael Lundy.

The judge’s decision is below:

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