Tips on how to get a COVID vaccine appointment if you’re eligible

WWNY Tips on how to get a COVID vaccine appointment if you’re eligible

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - With COVID vaccines in short supply, signing up to get one if you’re eligible can be difficult.

“We booked in like literally 30 minutes for this clinic,” said Jefferson County Legislature Chair Scott Gray.

But county leaders are trying to make the process less confusing.

In Jefferson County, to get into the clinic at Jefferson Community College, you will have to check the county’s website every Tuesday as that’s when the clinics will be decided for the week.

“Monday we receive notification of what our dose allocation is. Tuesday we actually physically receive the vaccine, and we’ll build the links out from there,” said Gray.

The website will specify which clinics are for which eligible group and will provide a phone number if you prefer to register that way.

“It’s gonna be 786-4VAX or the numbers are 4829,” said Gray.

Once all the vaccines have been spoken for, the link and phone line will go down.

In St. Lawrence County, there are more locations available, including the state-run site at SUNY Potsdam. To register there, go to the state’s website. There will be links showing availability and a phone number you can call.

As for the other clinics through public health and local pharmacies, call them directly to try to find a slot.

“If someone goes to register and they see there are no slots available, you can email us and we will put you on a list to notify when there is a link,” said Dana McGuire, St. Lawrence County Public Health.

And for those 65 years or older, there is additional help.

“The Office of the Aging has been helping people with the registration process and has been keeping track of when there’s openings at the state site or local pharmacies,” said McGuire.

Lewis County Manager Ryan Piche says his county will make an announcement when it has the vaccines to run an open clinic.

When officials have secured the supplies, they’ll set up a phone line for people to call. Or, Lewis County folks can utilize state sites in other counties.

County and health leaders say the key is to be quick when lines open and patient when slots close.

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