JCC to study snowmobiling’s effect on Tug Hill region

WWNY JCC to study snowmobiling’s effect on Tug Hill region

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A new study aims to paint a picture of how snowmobiling helps the Tug Hill and Lewis County. Jefferson Community College students will take to the trails to get the data.

It’s no secret the Tug Hill and Lewis County see a lot of snowmobilers in the winter.

Now a group from JCC is working to find out just how big of an impact the winter sport has on the region.

“Specifically we ask them, how much do you spend on a typical trip on lodging food, so on and so forth in the area,” said JCC’s Center for Community Studies Research Coordinator Larry Danforth.

His team will help conduct the economic impact study of snowmobiling in the Tug Hill region and Lewis County by going to area hotspots and surveying riders.

The team will be made up of students.

“Face to face, interview these snowmobilers. Again, we’ll have the old fashioned clipboards with the paper copy of the survey,” said Danforth.

Management at Timberview Resort in Turin says findings from the study can be a key for Lewis County in trying to get state funding for things like trail signage and snowmobile clubs.

Adding the clubs’ work with landowners to keep the trail system open.

“All volunteer. An immense job to do literally throughout the state,” said John DeGuardia, Timberview Resort manager.

Danforth says they’ll collect data until mid-March. Then another company will analyze it with results expected in the summer.

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