Valentine, the wolverine, treated to wild birthday party at Zoo New York

Valentine the Wolverine celebrates birthday at Zoo New York

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It was a wild birthday party at Zoo New York today.

Valentine the wolverine is turning 14 tomorrow on Valentine’s day! That, of course, is how she got her name.

Zookeepers arranged a party for her, which included a cake made of ice and hard boiled eggs (her favorite) and some presents she could open herself.

Valentine tore into her box of deer meat first and was so distracted, she took her sweet time opening her other present, which was PVC pipes coated in chili powder. It turns out wolverines like to roll around in that stuff.

Valentine’s handler, Claire Shannon said, “Guests love seeing Valentine because she’s a very unique animal. Not many facilities in North America and the United States have Wolverines, so guests really get a chance of a lifetime to see a wolverine doing normal wolverine things such as interacting with her boxes, presents, and cakes.”

Valentine was celebrating her birthday a day early because tomorrow the Zoo has big plans involving little bugs.

In a campaign to raise money, you could pay to name a cockroach after your ex, and tomorrow, zoo workers will be feeding them to the chickens live on Facebook.

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