“He made everyone part of the family.” Dexter firefighters remember Glenn “Stub” Heise

“He made everyone part of the family.” Dexter firefighters remember Glenn “Stub” Heise

DEXTER, N.Y. (WWNY) - The sound of a bell ringing is the sound of a job well done. It’s a tradition that goes back more than 200 years to signify the beginning and end of an emergency, and now it’s used to honor firefighters who have passed away.

On Sunday, Glenn Heise, also known as “Stub,” received his bell service after dying last Wednesday at the age of 88.

“You know, it didn’t matter if he didn’t know you or if he knew you for his whole life, he treated you the same, regardless. He made everyone part of the family. That’s what Dexter is, a big family,” said Dexter Volunteer Fire Department President Drew Heise.

Heise is one of Stub’s cousins, one of many in the Heise family to serve in the fire department over the years. Stub joined the Dexter Volunteer Fire Department in 1962 and wore many hats. He was a fire department commissioner, first assistant chief, second assistant chief, and a pump operator.

“He excelled in that,” Heise said. “There was not a time in the world where, if you were at a fire, and you needed water, Stub didn’t get it to you.”

Heise’s memorial service was held at Johnson Funeral Home, right down the road from the fire station, which was draped with purple and black bunting. Inside the fire hall, Heise’s legacy is easily noticeable. He was a key part of restoring the Brockway truck, one of the station’s originals. His name will go on a plaque on the inside.

Firefighters bring their accountability card to every call. Stub’s was placed in an engine, so he’ll always be with them on future calls.

Stub stopped responding to calls in the mid-90′s, but Heise says he still made himself available around the station. And after 59 years with the department, his friends, family, and fellow volunteers say it was a job well done.

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