Maple Ridge Center boasts longest sledding run in New York

Updated: Feb. 16, 2021 at 11:40 AM EST
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TOWN OF LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Wondering what to do with the fresh snowfall we’ve been getting? Why not take a trip to the biggest sledding run in the state?

It’s at Maple Ridge Center in the town of Lowville.

“We have the longest sledding run. It’s also one of the steeper ones. It’s 1,200 feet long for the sliding and 1,500 feet to the fence, and some people get there! So that’s a quarter mile. That’s pretty good,” said Keith Zehr, Maple Ridge Center director.

Not only is this the longest run in the state, it’s also reportedly the fastest.

“It feels like we’re going 1,200 miles per hour,” said Mitchel and Wyatt Babcock.

After a speedy slide down, 1,200 feet is a long way to drag a tube back up a hill. But don’t worry, they’ll tow you.

Families have been flocking to the sledding spot, especially this week as most kids have February break.

“We’re tubing! You can get outside and play and get exercise,” said Paisley Gaines and Mareesa Rowsam.

And it’s not just fun for the kids; adults can enjoy the landmark too.

“It just takes you back to when we were kids. Every Sunday we used to go to our grandma’s and sled and play in the snow, so it’s nice to continue that tradition with our kids,” said Nicole Martello and Chelsea Rowsam.

Maple Ridge Center is happy to provide some safe family fun. Workers say they’ve been selling out of tickets, especially with all the snow this year.

“This is the best year we’ve had for snow. It came in December and it stayed the whole time, so we’re very fortunate that when there’s such demand for something to do outside, we’ve got the snow. Snow is a good thing, believe it or not,” said Zehr.

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