North country digs out from latest winter storm

WWNY North country digs out from latest winter storm

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Heavy overnight snow caused some difficult conditions for the Tuesday morning commute. Many say it’s all just a part of living in the north country.

At times, 1 to 2 inches of snow an hour hit Watertown Tuesday morning, leaving many cars buried.

Watertown’s plow crews were out early, clearing as much as they could before the streets became more crowded.

While you might think it wasn’t easy going, Street and Sewer Supervisor Shawn Dick says this is a walk in the park for the plow drivers.

“Oh, absolutely that’s normal, it’s just repetitive. It’s just you keep plowing the areas with the plows that we have broke into certain assigned areas. They just keep repetitively going through the area - we found is the best practice,” he said.

But as the world started to wake up, out came the snow blowers and shovels. People all over the city digging out

Donald Rutherford is part of a crew at Conley’s Rental Management that clears snow from its rental properties - about 25 of them every storm

“It’s always the same whether it snows or not - you still got to be out there - salt, sand, clear. There is always someone who forgot to clear and then we got to go back,” he said.

Rutherford says every yard calls for different measures; some can be done with just shovels, while others need snow blowers.

But, he as he many others can attest, this is just part of the north country winter

“It is February. We are going to get mounds. We won’t get it all year, but February we will have it. It’s the north country, it’s expected. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be living here - plain and simple,” said Rutherford.

All of this might have to be repeated later this week because another storm is predicted.

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