Powerless in Texas: people with north country ties share their struggle

WWNY Powerless in Texas: people with north country ties share their struggle

TEXAS (WWNY) - People, who have ties to the north country, are struggling to stay warm and fed. Historic winter weather has left many of them without electricity and water.

“We’re on day three of having no power,” said Rebecca Valenzuela, who moved from Fort Drum to Fort Hood in August.

Like many Texans, she has no power in her home. This week’s snow and ice storm in Texas has left roads in dangerous conditions.

By north country standards, it’s business as usual. But this is uncharted territory for Texas. Valenzuela says supplies are starting to run low.

“They had nothing at the stores. No milk, no cheese, no meat, no bread, but gas stations are starting to run out of - even if you can get to them - are starting to run out of gas,” she said.

Shannie Sanders was born and raised in Dexter. She has lived in the Corpus Christie area since 2017. She says just getting into stores right now is very difficult.

“I mean, these lines in the stores are worse than when the corona(virus) hit. My husband and I tried to go to Walmart, the line outside Walmart was wrapped around the store,” she said.

Many are also without water. Josh Vavra is a Brasher Falls native who has lived near Austin since 2016.

His family filled up the bath tub as an emergency supply, but that has run dry.

They’ve experienced rolling blackouts, but they’ve been without running water since Tuesday night.

And Vavra has another concern: he’s a nurse in an ICU and his hospital is also out of water.

“We’re relying a lot on Purell and stuff, but especially with COVID, they’ve really kind of been enforcing us to wash our hands a lot. So with that, it’s been kind of a challenge too,” he said.

Everyone we spoke with said, as north country natives, they’re used to this weather, but Texas just wasn’t ready for it. And no one has gotten any clear answers as to when water and power will be back.

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