Texans with north country ties describe food supply challenges in wake of storms

WWNY Texans with north country ties describe food supply challenges in wake of storms

TEXAS (WWNY) - This week’s snow and ice storms in Texas have left millions without power. We spoke with some former north country residents who are now living in Texas and some of them are still in the dark, but others’ situations are improving.

For some Texans, the lights came back on Thursday. Rebecca Valenzuela, who lives near Fort Hood, but used to live on Fort Drum, got her power back after four days in the dark.

She and her family used their old generator to cook for themselves and the neighborhood.

“We cooked a spaghetti dinner for about 35 people yesterday. A lady walked, like, 15 minutes just to get here just to get a plate because she’s been eating chips for the last three days,” she said.

Valenzuela says she will cook again Thursday night for anyone who needs it because stores are still short on supplies.

About an hour south in Austin, supermarkets are hard just to get into. A picture was sent to us by Steven Russell in North Austin. It shows a line wrapping around the store. He says just leaving the house is a challenge.

“Basically the roads here, they’ve done nothing. Like, there’s no sand on them, they’re not plowed. They’re like a hockey rink right now,” he said.

Russell grew up in Port Leyden and says he did lose power a couple times, but it hasn’t gone out in more than 24 hours. Others haven’t been so lucky.

Former Carthage resident, Paul Williams hasn’t had power in his home since Monday. He spent more than two hours yesterday looking for a hotel to stay in.

“Checked out many hotels and all of them were either no power or they were full,” said Williams, who lives in Rockport.

After stopping at more than 30 hotels, Williams finally found an open room.

He’s at a Days Inn with his family, two hours away from home. Williams plans on returning home Friday and hopes to have power back this weekend.

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