DANC launches St. Lawrence County broadband survey

WWNY DANC launches St. Lawrence County broadband survey

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage and people have been forced to work, shop, and attend school from home, high-speed internet access has become even more essential than before.

Now, people in St. Lawrence County have a chance to share their thoughts about how and where to improve internet service.

It’s the third and last broadband survey put out by the Development Authority of the North Country.

“All of this data will help us too in the end; we will maybe be able to go to providers and say, ‘Look, here’s an area where there’s 50 people in close proximity, they want broadband, here’s what they’re willing to pay, can we make that happen,’” said Laurie Marr, director of communications and public affairs.

People have until April 30 to fill the survey out.

Lewis County’s survey closed at the end of January. Jefferson County’s survey wraps up at the end of March.

DANC is teaming up with each of the three counties to learn what areas are underserved or have no service. The information will be used to make plans to address the needs.

At the same time, contractors are on the ground mapping out and taking inventory of the broadband facilities that are already available.

County officials hope to use the information to apply for grants to pay for improving broadband access.

You can take the survey and learn more at www.stlawrencecountybroadband.com.

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