Saturday Sports: Twin talents taking their skills to SLU

Saturday Sports: Twin talents taking their skills to SLU

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Twin brothers Aidan and Gavin Macaulay are pretty much inseparable both on and off the basketball court and the dynamic duo have helped lead the Lowville Boys’ Basketball Team to back-to-back Section 3 titles.

And the brothers that stay together and play together will continue to do that after their high school careers wrap up this season as both head off as a team to continue their hoop careers at St. Lawrence University.

”I think obviously their campus is really nice and I really loved their coaching staff. I feel like they have a nice winning tradition there and I feel like it was something that me and Aidan- Aidan and I would fit into very well,” said Lowville Senior Gavin.

”St. Lawrence does a really nice job setting you up for the future after your academics there. They have a really good program for getting you- whether it’s internships, things like that, that really set you up for the future. And also from the basketball side of it, we really like Coach Downs and we really like the guys up there. We’re really excited,” said Aidan.

The brothers bond is so intense they made it known to coaches early in the recruiting process that they would be coming as a package deal to whatever school offered them.

The pair says after all the years of hard work, having the chance to take their talents to the next level is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

”Anybody that is a twin, I would say especially, or even just has a brother that also plays basketball, that’s something that you would dream about is going to play college basketball with your brother so we’re definitely really grateful that we’re gonna get the opportunity and we’re really excited,” said Aidan.

”We fell like it’s a built in advantage that we have to play as twins. Always have that chemistry. You don’t have to form with another person on the team and also you know just like knowing what each other, what we like to do, our tendencies, whatnot. I can’t imagine just being out there without him and the same way for me so we thought it made more sense,” said Gavin.

The twins current coach at Lowville, Zach Shambo, says St. Lawrence is getting 2 quality individuals both on and off the basketball court that put the team first before themselves.

”I think St. Lawrence is getting 2 really good kids, really great competitors, really great team mates and they’re, you know, they’re just willing to do whatever it takes to win. That’s the one thing I will say about those 2, they will do whatever it takes. If it’s play the whole game, if it’s sit the whole game, if it’s score, if it’s defend, they will do whatever they need to do,” said Shambo.

The Macaulays are a double threat on the hardwood the Saints will be glad to add for the 2021-22 college basketball season.

Speaking of St. Lawrence University, the Lady Skating Saints picked up a huge win Friday at Appleton Arena, beating 5th ranked Colgate 3-2 in a Women’s ECAC contest.

Shailynn Snow scored twice and Lucy Morgan was outstanding between the pipes, stopping 36 shots as St. Lawrence picked up it’s 2nd win of the season.

The same 2 teams meet again Sunday afternoon in Hamilton with the puck set to drop at 4 PM.

Lady Saints Coach Chris Wells was happy with the win and happy with the way his team has been playing this season.

”With a lot of freshman and sophomores to be where we are, you know, is encouraging and it all comes down to effort, we’re getting that every single night. We’re getting it from everybody that’s playing and it’s great to see. It’s happening in practice. There’s a lot of energy on this team and unfortunately a short season, but happy that there is some sort of season to start to take on a personality that we like and that has a lot of energy,” said Wells.

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Girls’ HS Volleyball

  • Beaver River 3, South Lewis 0

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  • Pulaski 57, Sandy Creek 46

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