Artists - Call for Entries

NCAC - “Outside the Margins”

Artists - Call for Entries
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Call for Entries for “Outside the Margins” North Country Arts Council Exhibit Held from March 12 – April 9, 2021

The North Country Arts Council invites artists from marginalized populations, in all genres, to participate in our upcoming exhibit “Outside the Margins.” This exhibit seeks to feature voices beyond conventional stereotypes and is all inclusive of various marginalized groups.

Art is not only a reflection of society, but a light into previously hidden parts of our society; bringing what has been isolated into the mainstream, and giving a voice to previously has been silenced. The NCAC’s “Outside the Margins” exhibit brings light to those who have been left “outside” the mainstream of the art world and allows them to display art that is told using their voices.

All artists in marginalized populations (e.g., BIPOC, female-identifying, differently abled, LGBTQIA+) are invited to submit work. All work must be original and must not have been previously submitted to an NCAC show. Work will be reviewed by a juror for acceptance.

This exhibit is planned for physical display at the Dulles State Office Building in Watertown as well as online with all of the available works. Work in all media besides video, film and sound may be submitted through this call. Note: Any video, audio and film that might be applicable to this exhibit, please contact for possible opportunities.

Entry deadline is February 24, 2021.

To enter, visit

For more details or information, contact NCAC Gallery Coordinator Dana Gillan at

(315) 661-6361

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