Video of Ogdensburg Moose Lodge thief produces leads for police

WWNY Video of Ogdensburg Moose Lodge thief produces leads for police

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - A video of a break-in at the Ogdensburg Moose Lodge has been seen thousands of times as people want to help catch the thief.

Surveillance video shows a thief jimmied open a window Sunday in the pre-dawn darkness at the Ogdensburg Moose Lodge, then rummaged through the cash register and drawers.

“It’s just sad. Who would break in the Moose,” said Bill Bromley, past governor, Ogdensburg Moose Lodge

That’s what police and the lodge’s hundreds of members would like to know. That’s why the lodge posted the surveillance video on its Facebook page.

“With community support, the police agency said it would be a good thing to get it out there and see if anybody would come forward with any kind of details or suspect,” said Brian Mitchell, Ogdensburg Moose Lodge administrator.

People are certainly trying, as of mid-afternoon Monday, the video had 18,700 views.

“We help the community a lot and just because of that we get the pouring out of people wanting to find this guy and have it taken care of,” said Bromley.

In the end, little was taken. There was no money in the cash register or drawers. All the thief seems to have gotten was a fist-full of dollar bills from the “swear jug.”

The Moose makes a number of charitable donations throughout the year.

Members handed off $500 for a Thanksgiving community dinner. They helped a VFW post buy a new chiller. Altogether, they donated $23,600 to community groups last year.

“It’s nice to actually see the community give back to us and really want to make sure everything works out and justice is served to the person that broke in,” said Mitchell.

Police confirm the video is producing tips. As of Monday, they had developed several leads they are following up on. Anyone who has information related to the break-in should call Ogdensburg police at 315-393-1551.

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