‘It really, really hurts,’ says top Fort Drum leader about soldiers’ conduct in video

Updated: Feb. 23, 2021 at 3:55 PM EST
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FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - “It is not how we do business.” That’s how a top Fort Drum leader is describing the conduct of 10th Mountain Division soldiers in a “shoot-house” video that has been circulating online.

“We ran it down to the ground. It is 10th Mountain Division. It is our folks and it really, really hurts to say that,” said Command Sergeant Major Mario Terenas in a video posted to Twitter. “It is not the standard. It is not how we do business. It is non-acceptable.”

The video circulating online shows soldiers training to clear a building. They’re shown shooting targets with live ammunition.

According to, the video also shows “soldiers blatantly ‘flagging’ each other with their weapons on multiple occasions, meaning the barrels of their rifles were pointed at each other -- one of the greatest sins of military operations. Typically, when troops have to pass each other, weapons are pointed to the ground to avoid fratricide.” also explains the video shows troops watching the training from above and that the vantage point allows leaders to observe.

“The video did not show any leaders terminating the training, despite multiple unsafe acts and the apparent failure to clear corners and enter rooms correctly,” the article reported.

Terenas thanked people for bringing the video to his attention and said the incident will be investigated.

“That is not the 10th Mountain Division standard,” he said. “It will never be the 10th Mountain Division standard.”

Terenas said the video was shot a few months ago, but did not disclose which unit within the division was involved.

“We will fix it. I guarantee I will fix it,” he said.

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