Election fever comes to Copenhagen

WWNY Election fever comes to Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Election fever in community with a population of 800 people. It’s Copenhagen and we take a look at what issues the candidates are butting heads over.

The village of Copenhagen is all atwitter as an upcoming election creates some divisions.

Mayor Kenneth Clarke and trustees Gary Parker and Gerald Snyder are all challenged this year by Mark Souva, Ron Vogt, and Shareef Stokley.

“Three and three, they have completely different views of what direction the village should go in,” said Shane Henry, village resident.

The sides are advocating for themselves with signs and posts to the village Facebook page run by Trustee Ben Shambo.

“This is definitely unusual. This is the first time I’ve seen signs and stuff. I bet this turns out more voters than we’ve ever seen,’ said Henry.

Most of the existing village board says - let’s not ruin a good thing.

“What’s not broke, don’t fix it. We’re fine, we haven’t raised taxes in three years, five years,” said Copenhagen Mayor Kenneth Clarke.

The challengers say the village needs changes.

“There’s a definite lack of leadership in this village; they plan for nothing,” said Ron Vogt.

Vogt says he knows this because his wife, Kim, is a current trustee.

“I’m looking forward to some folks that wanna talk through some things, instead of “my way or the highway,” said Kim.

Some of the challengers say they want to better monitor village spending and there are differences over the backup water source. The existing board revamped the pump house on Woodbattle Road. Some say it was the wrong move.

“We need to look at all the options and make it happen to see what the best option would be,” said Ron Vogt.

“After pump testing Wooodbattle Road, it has proven to me and this village that it can produce water during drought conditions,” said Clarke.

Village residents say no matter who wins on March 16, they just want the board to work together for the village.

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