Garage caves in, cars totaled

Garage roof collapses

RODMAN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It was an early morning shock for a Rodman family when their garage roof caved in.

“That’s the second story right there,” owner Sherry Fowler said. “That part of debris was like the loft.”

There’s little left of the former two-story, three-car garage.

“You could’ve parked a dump truck in the center,” Fowler said. “That’s how high up it was.”

It’s not high anymore. Fowler says she heard it happen early Wednesday morning.

“I heard this loud rumble,” she said. “And at first I thought maybe it was thunder. And then I thought maybe it’s a snowplow going by. No snowplow came. And I thought, maybe I better see what’s going on. Maybe it’s snow coming off a roof somewhere. I open up the patio door, and looked out, and this is what I saw.”

The culprit, Fowler’s been told by insurance adjusters, was heavy snow on the roof.

“We just didn’t think there was enough snow on there that it would’ve done that,” she said.

It’s hard to tell, but there is a car under a collapsed portion of the garage. But Fowler says you won’t see it just by looking at it.

“You can scrouch down and see a license plate and the tires,” she said. “And that’s about what you see.”

Fowler says two of the three cars inside are totaled, with a decision coming for the third.

She calls the garage collapsing sad, but she’s grateful it wasn’t worse.

“We’re glad that it went in the middle of the night,” she said. “Nobody was hurt. And that’s the most important thing, nobody was hurt. These things can be replaced.”

According to Fowler, they’re going to start tearing down the garage this weekend.

Rodman fire officials remind people to clear their roofs of snow as a safety measure.

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