Watertown city council to vote Monday on candidates

Watertown city council to vote Monday on candidates

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It looks like there will be a vote after all, for who will get a vacant Watertown City Council seat.

The vote Monday night will be between candidates Amy Horton and Ben Schoen. Both were interviewed by city council members last Saturday.

The vacancy was created when council member Jesse Roshia resigned after taking a job in Syracuse.

But just because there is a vote, doesn’t mean there will be an outcome.

Council members Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Lisa Ruggiero say they are not ready to vote.

Both say they’d like to see other candidates interviewed.

On the other hand, Mayor Jeff Smith says the decision was made to formally give both candidates closure by voting, whether there is a consensus or not.

“I asked the mayor, “Why are you putting this on the agenda when you know you don’t have the votes for it?” He said he thought it would put closure to the two people that we interviewed, but the other people who applied, they’ve had no closure,” Ruggiero said.

Council member Sarah Compo says she will take the weekend to think about the decision. Mayor Smith says if there is a split vote, it’s back to the drawing board.

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