From motocross to snocross, people take to Town of Greig track

From motocross to snocross, people take to Town of Greig track

TOWN OF GREIG, N.Y. (WWNY) - Snowmobilers spent Sunday in the Town of Greig carving up the track at High Voltage Hills, a motocross track turned snocross track, for the first time this winter since Nick Zielinski started this business four years ago.

“This was all farm land before, and we cut a bunch of trees and then we moved a bunch of soil and pushed it up into the jumps and everything like that,” said Zielinski, owner of High Voltage Hills.

Zielinski is a former amateur snocross racer, a sport where snowmobilers go head-to-head, making tight turns and flying over jumps to get to the finish line. He knows a good track when he sees one, but Zielinski says building one was a lot of work. Preparing the track alone was a full time job for Zielinski this week.

And it was time well spent.

Corin Todd, a Bronze medalist from the 2016 X Games, drove more than 100 miles to hit the track.

“I actually know the guys that own High Voltage. So, it’s really nice. We come, hang out with some friends and enjoy racing on the weekend,” said Todd.

And Todd says right now, there’s no better spot in the area for some high-flying snowmobile action.

“There’s guys that travel six, seven hours to come race here,” said Todd.

Familiar faces, generations of racers. Some coming to win, others just here for some fun and excitement.

“Just racing in general, there’s a community behind it. As we keep growing bigger and bigger, you know? We keep getting more and more of the community behind us,” said Zielinski.

In that community, you might be an amateur or a pro, but crossing the finish line is a thrill for everyone.

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