Your Turn: feedback on Cuomo, Ogdensburg police & pizzeria fire

Updated: Mar. 1, 2021 at 10:30 AM EST
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Governor Cuomo, accused by 2 women of sexual harassment, says some of his behavior with women had been “misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation,” and said he would cooperate with an investigation led by the state’s attorney general:

How is this ethical or LEGAL? A layperson cannot pick their own investigators.

Erica Lamoreaux

I’m proud of him for stepping up to the plate, taking responsibility and investigating himself.

Reuben Norstrom

Could St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies replace Ogdensburg police? That’s a question being raised by a new idea coming out of Ogdensburg City Hall:

With the drugs and house invasions we have in Ogdensburg, we need to beef up the police, not eliminate them.

Jim Mc Nally

It certainly is refreshing to see an administration looking outside the box in an attempt to salvage a city that is imploding.

Robert Paradis

As a county taxpayer, I have a problem with this...Why should we, the outside taxpayers, help police the city?

David Hoffman

Fire struck Dashnaw’s Pizzeria in Gouverneur last week, gutting the East Main Street eatery:

This is heartbreaking. They have stayed open during this pandemic, serving their customers and the community.

ML Frankenstein

I hope they rebuild.

Esther McIntosh

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