More spectators allowed to attend high-risk sporting events in Jefferson County

Jefferson County sports

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - High-risk sporting events in Jefferson County will allow more people at games, effective immediately.

Each player can have two spectators and the total gathering cannot exceed 50 percent capacity, a contradiction to the state’s guidelines which also allows for two spectators per player, but an executive order limits gatherings to 50 people.

Jefferson County Legislature chair Scott Gray says the math doesn’t add up.

“Take a basketball team,” he said. “So, you have two teams of 12 players. You have coaches, you have referees, you have scorekeepers. By the time you put all those people together, you’re at 35 people, roughly.”

That means there’s only 15 more people allowed to attend. That’s not even enough for both teams to have one spectator per player.

Gray says they have told the state about the issue several times, but never heard back.

Gray says Jefferson County is not alone.

“You know, other counties have broke in that direction,” he said, “and we said okay, you know, we’ll break in that direction also.”

Gray says Lewis, Oswego, and Onondaga counties have all made the switch to 50 percent capacity as well. But Gray says following other counties was not the sole reason for the new guidelines.

“We continue to see our case count is coming down or plateauing,” he said, so we’re staying at a fairly low level of new positives every day.”

Gray says they’ll continue down this route unless the state stops them.

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