No consensus reached on Watertown city council replacement

Watertown city council seat

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jesse Roshia’s seat stays open after the Watertown city council couldn’t come to a consensus Monday night on who will replace him.

The council voted down approving either Amy Horton or Ben Shoen to the vacant seat with a 2 to 2 split on both resolutions.

That means the group is back to square one. With only four council members, it would take three to approve a replacement.

Council member Lisa Ruggiero voted down the appointments while Mayor Jeff Smith gave both candidates the nod of approval.

“We’ll try to see what we can do, if we can come to some consensus,” Ruggiero said. “But at this point, I don’t think there are any other names that are out there that have been suggested.”

“I’ve mentioned a few names, but I don’t know if there’s a consensus to even interview or ask them,” Smith said. “I don’t know if the individuals would be willing to or want to serve.”

Ruggiero wonders if the council could leave the seat vacant until the November election, but Smith says the city charter calls for them to fill the vacancy before then.

The seat became vacant after Roshia resigned at the end of January.

Council members did approve the appointment of Eric Swartz as part-time city court judge.

Swartz takes the seat starting April 1 for a six-year term.

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