Rack ‘em up: pool games resume Friday

WWNY Rack ‘em up: pool games resume Friday

NEW BREMEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Stuck behind the 8 ball because of the pandemic? A local gaming business is ready for customers to rack ‘em up again.

The state is allowing pool halls to reopen at limited capacity this Friday.

For pool table repair man Charles Brenon, it’s a huge relief.

His family business, Brenon’s Coin Machine, has been pinching pennies.

“We really have had no options. We’re operating on an income less than half of normal revenue. It’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

Brenon will be busy this weekend bringing tables back to local bars and restaurants.

But at Pond Effects Bar and Grill in New Bremen, they’re already set up and ready to go.

“Pool has always been a big thing in Lewis County so it’s nice to know people can do things they enjoy again,” said Lori Turck, Pond Effects co-owner.

People like her husband, Randall, a member of the Lewis County Billiard League.

“I think everybody’s excited for this - to get back out and play. There’s a lot of guys that have tables at home, but it’s just not the same as getting out and playing in a league,” he said.

Governor Cuomo mandates that businesses sanitize all the equipment between games, but the folks at Pond Effects say that wont be a problem.

“Me and the girls, we disinfect everything every chance we get, so I think everyone will do good with it. We’ll just be happy to do something again,” said Lori Turck.

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