How a small business plans to survive the pandemic: Just add “Magick”

WWNY How a small business plans to survive the pandemic: Just add “Magick”

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) -There’s no doubt that small businesses have had to adapt to make it through the pandemic. One has changed its name, its purpose, and now, it’s location.

The Magick Apothecary is the newest addition to Salmon Run Mall. It used to be known as the Tarot Cafe on Public Square. When the pandemic shut the former business down, owners Seth Hill and Sexton Reece knew they had to adapt.

“Delivery business did not go well at all,” said Hill. “People don’t want to pay $10 for a coffee.”

So, the business owners picked themselves up, got some new certifications, expanded their services, and started fresh.

“We have tea potions, tea blends, herbal remedies, jewelry, and metaphysical items,” Reece explained.

The Magick Apothecary also offers psychic and tarot card readings.

Hill and Reece say making the move to the mall has been a blessing as a small business.

“The mall isn’t as corporate as people think,” Hill said. “There are a bunch of mom and pop shops here that are little and from the area.”

Their arrival comes at a good time, as the pandemic has left many storefronts empty.

“We are making our way slowly out of this pandemic that we’ve been going through, and we’re very excited to get some of our spaces filled,” said Salmon Run Mall marketing director Karla Woods.

The Magick Apothecary is also planning events, such as fashion and drag shows. The businesses grand opening is Saturday.

“My biggest hope is to bring magic into their life,” Hill said.

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