A push for fun at Dry Hill, the annual Cub Scout Box Derby was underway Saturday

A push for fun at Dry Hill, the annual Cub Scout Box Derby was underway Saturday

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A little push and away they went. Area Cub Scouts were trying to hit high speeds at Dry Hill Ski Area.

They were participating in the Annual Cub Scout Box Derby Saturday.

It’s an event that now volunteer Nathaniel Matteson participated in when he was a Cub Scout.

“There’s some sleds that you see and you can tell that there has been months of planning into them. And that was the fun part for me, was once you heard what the theme was, the race started right from there. You figured out what you wanted to do and how you were going to make it,” said Matteson.

This year’s theme was Mad Science, which was on full display.

The scouts could decorate their cardboard sleds anyway that they wanted.

Ava Wisner’s unicorn style sled was one of the fastest of the day:

“And sometimes snow gets in my eyes-”

“Snow gets in your eyes?”

“Yeah, but now I cover my eyes like this and then sometimes I do this and this so I don’t see what I am doing,” said Ava.

Wisner is one of 36 Cub Scouts participating in this year’s derby, one that was attended by scouts from Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties.

Each scout received a special event patch for participating and certain sleds were awarded prizes for creativity and spirit, but Matteson says that isn’t the main driver.

“We judge them for all of that stuff, but it’s just to have fun. That is what we tell the scouts from the first time they hear about it is you just have fun and you just go sledding. It’s a beautiful day to be out here to go sled with your friends,” said Matteson.

Matteson says this event is one the scouts look forward too all year with some homemade creativity and good old fashioned fun.

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