Watertown lawmakers to weigh fates of Alteri and Flynn pools

WWNY Watertown lawmakers to weigh fates of Alteri and Flynn pools

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s not swimming weather, but pools will be talked about Monday night. The fate of the Alteri and Flynn pools are in the hands of Watertown City Council.

City council voted in September to fill in the Alteri Pool, but a leak in the Flynn pool changed those plans. After evaluating both pools, city engineer Mike Delaney says it would cost about $195,000 to resurface the Flynn pool.

The estimated total of rehabilitating the Alteri pool would be around $51,000.

Mayor Jeff Smith says he has no predictions as to what will happen, but Council Member Ryan Henry-Wilkinson says he’d like to see the city keep all three pools.

“The question always goes down to: do we need three pools, or two? We campaigned on, a majority of the council voted we only need two pools. So you’ve got this huge cost, then you have the average annual operating cost of $100,000 a year. Those are the things we need to look at,” said Smith.

“I think wanting to maintain an asset that the city already paid for, we own it. I don’t foresee a council in the next generation wanting to build another pool, but I don’t think it’s absurd to want and maintain what we already have,” said Henry-Wilkinson.

Council Member Sarah Compo says she is hoping to have more questions answered about each pool’s usage and repairs. Council Member Lisa Ruggiero says she wishes city council would have been presented this information during last year’s budget meeting, so a more informed decision could have been made as to whether to close a pool or not, and which one.

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