In a battle of 2 Watertown pools, Alteri may have the edge

Watertown pools

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It may be a lifeline for Watertown’s Alteri pool as the city council weighs its options.

It appears that should the city continue to maintain two pools, the Alteri pool would be the choice over the northside’s Flynn pool.

At a Monday night work session, city officials discussed costs for fixing both pools.

Repairs to the Flynn pool would cost the city at least four times what repairs to the Alteri pool would.

Due to the price and extensive repairs needed at both, council members advised city officials to only open the Thompson Park pool this year.

Mayor Jeff Smith says that lets the city figure out who’s using the pool.

“A street, or what town,” he said. “Because when people say, Misses Jones, Watertown, is that the town of Watertown? Some good data. And, if the same person is coming in the afternoon, that’s in the morning, let’s not double count.”

The council indicated that the city should budget for the Alteri Pool for the 2022 season.

Also at the work session, Smith mentioned Watertown will get around $23 million from the COVID-19 relief bill passed in the Senate.

What that money can or cannot be used for is still up in the air.

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