Historic preservation projects underway in Waddington

WWNY Historic preservation projects underway in Waddington

WADDINGTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - In Waddington, they’re building on the past. Proponents say the historic preservation projects are giving the river town a brighter future.

Restorations and renovations are taking place all over town.

The Clark House is raising funds for a historically authentic ceiling and the Waddington First Presbyterian Church is getting crucial renovations.

“People that now live here see that Waddington can be brought back. And I believe that’s why all of these projects are taking place,” said Robert Smith, First Presbyterian building manager.

First Presbyterian has all new plaster and paint. The electrical system is almost finished. Roof renovations will come in the spring. The bell tower was already cleaned up.

“I think every part of preservation in town helps,” said Smith.

A couple of blocks away the same has been going on at Clark House for years. Steel reinforcement. New windows. Now, there’s fundraising for a new ceiling when 30 years ago there was talk of tearing down Clark House.

“That would have been a really sad moment for Waddington,” said Margie Strait, Clark House Preservation Inc. board member. “It’s a centerpiece. It’s a mainstay.”

The Clark House Preservation board wants to raise $7,500 for the ceiling. It really needs one. If the board can raise that amount, the Sweetgrass Foundation will match it.

The town and village are currently working with the New York Power Authority to build a $3 million marina. But it’s the thought of restoring buildings like the Clark House that has people excited.

“Whoo! If we brought it back to it’s full glory, it would be amazing,” said Alex Hammond, Waddington town supervisor.

Donations can be made to the Clark House project online or mailed to PO Box 452, Waddington, NY, 13694.

Donations for the First Presbyterian project can be sent to PO Box 485, Waddington, NY, 13694.

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