North country legislators call for Cuomo to step down

WWNY North country legislators call for Cuomo to step down

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Two north country members of the state legislature called for Governor Cuomo to step down Thursday, after reports Cuomo fondled an aide during an encounter at the governor’s mansion.

The comments from state senators Patty Ritchie and Joe Griffo were one more sign that the political landscape is changing quickly, and Cuomo’s hold on power in Albany is slipping.

Before Thursday, the legislators had said they would wait for the results of an investigation by the state Attorney General into sexual harassment claims against Cuomo.

Ritchie, in particular, has had a friendly relationship with Cuomo over the years.

But Thursday, she was clear: “For the good of our state, he should resign,” she said in a statement.

“These allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, coupled with the situation involving COVID-19 and our state’s elder care facilities, have made it clear it is impossible for him to continue as our Governor.”

Griffo said in a statement “While he should step down, he has continued to resist, which is why I also support the impeachment process commencing immediately in the Assembly.”

Republicans in the state Assembly are introducing a bill to impeach Cuomo.

Griffo and Ritchie, both Republicans, made their comments on the same day roughly 60 Democratic state legislators said Cuomo should step down.

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