Peyton Strong: community honors fallen firefighter with yellow hearts

WWNY Peyton Strong: community honors fallen firefighter with yellow hearts

LAFARGEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Yellow hearts are everywhere in LaFargeville in honor of fallen firefighter Peyton Morse, who went to school there. People say the yellow hearts remind them of Peyton’s promise and personality.

“Memories of Peyton. I think that’s what goes through everybody’s mind when you see them. Everybody has a memory where he’s done something for them, or someone in their family. He was that giving of a kid,” said LaFargeville Central School District Superintendent Travis Hoover.

The windows at the school are covered with yellow hearts. Yellow was Peyton’s favorite color.

The firefighter graduated from the school in 2017 and the hearts remind Hoover of Peyton’s promise.

“He always wanted to be a firefighter and we all knew from a very young age that he was going to make a mark by helping others,” said Hoover.

The yellow hearts are a social media driven effort started by the community before Peyton’s death from injuries sustained during a training exercise.

They’re a sign of support for the firefighter and his family.

“Everyone’s feeling something for the family, and wants to do more if there’s anything that can be done,” said Hoover.

The yellow hearts aren’t only at the school. They can be seen in the windows of businesses and homes throughout the community too

“It’s what every little family can do to just signify that they care, that they hope and that that family is in our thoughts and prayers. It’s what small town community is all about,” said Peggy Gill, Gillee’s Auto, Truck, and Marine.

She says the yellow hearts have spread to other communities too.

“Peyton was a friend to everybody. And that’s so cliché, but Peyton was far from cliché. He was just deeply rooted in many, many different communities,” she said.

The yellow hearts aren’t the only sign of Peyton’s influence on the village.

Hoover says the schools will be closed Friday so staff can attend Peyton’s funeral.

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