Local fire departments prepare trucks for fallen firefighter’s funeral procession

WWNY Local fire departments prepare trucks for fallen firefighter’s funeral procession

WEST CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - In West Carthage, firefighters spent part of Wednesday shining up one of their engines.

“Waxing, polishing up the trucks, make them look real good for firefighter Morse’s detail on Friday,” said Captain Robert Keegan.

The West Carthage Fire Department wants to be part of Peyton Morse’s funeral procession that day. They likely won’t be alone. Firefighter Morse will likely be honored by hundreds of firefighters from all over - including Sayre, Pennsylvania where Morse died in a hospital.

The north country firefighter passed away from a medical emergency after a training exercise.

“His loss is felt throughout the entire community of all firemen,” said Keegan.

That’s because for firefighters like Keegan, the job is more than just a job.

“It’s more of a brotherhood than most jobs you would typically work at,” he said.

West Carthage isn’t the only area fire department expected at Peyton Morse’s funeral procession. Carthage Fire Department plans to be there too.

“He’s part of the fire department family, if you will. So, even though no one here has any affiliation with Peyton or his family, we’d like to show our respects,” said Carthage Fire 1st Assistant Chief Cole Pacella.

He says they’ll prep their truck Thursday. While the department has gone to other funeral services for firefighters before, Pacella says Peyton’s feels different.

“It definitely hits a lot closer to home when it is in your home county,” he said.

Both departments want Peyton’s family to know the north country firefighter family stands beside them.

“We’d like to give our thoughts and prayers, and most condolences,” said Pacella.

“If there’s anything we can do as individuals or a fire department as a whole, we’re here to try and do that for them,” said Keegan.

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