In LaFargeville, a day of mourning

In LaFargeville, a day of mourning

LAFARGEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - After Friday’s funeral service for Peyton Morse concluded, there was one more thing to do.

The procession bearing Peyton’s remains made its way to LaFargeville, his hometown.

The school district closed for the day, so that more than a hundred people could use the auditorium to watch the funeral service as it was broadcast.

Then, when the service concluded, people lined Route 180 to wait for the procession.

In Peyton’s honor, two fire trucks helped hold an American flag in the center of the community. and many people were waving smaller flags and yellow hearts, Peyton’s favorite color.

“Everyone knows how special Peyton was,” said Rachel Davis, a friend of Peyton’s. “He was kind to everyone.’

When the procession arrived, the street was silent and somber, as dozens of fire and rescue vehicles made their way through Lafargeville.

Paul Timerman said he left work early to wait for the procession. He said it was something he felt he had to do.

“I think any small town like this, you know, when you lose somebody that vital, it leaves a big mark and so everybody just wants to be a part of it,” Timerman said.

And then the procession finished its trip, at St. John’s Cemetery, where Peyton Morse was laid to rest.

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