North Country businesses are bustling for Spring essentials

North Country businesses are bustling for Spring essentials

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Stratton’s Hardware on Washington Street in Watertown is in the middle of a transition: tucking away those winter essentials for spring ones with warmer weather slowly creeping in.

Owner Michael Stratton says on this first day of Spring, his store has been scrambling to get the product on the shelves.

“With the forecast for the next week here, people are going to, you know, be a in a hurry and want this stuff right away. They are cleaning up their lawns and looking for the grass seed and fertilizers to put down on it,” said Stratton.

Stratton says some may be looking now because of the recent stimulus checks as people have some extra money to spend on more expensive appliances.

And when your yard is all cleaned up and your ready for some flowers and maybe even some vegetables, places like Martin’s Greenhouse can help you find what you need.

“Very exciting, very exciting,” said greenhouse owner Luke Martin.

Martin says the greenhouse just opened its doors this weekend for the season.

“The five senses kick in when you are just walking around here, and so yes, it builds excitement for the spring, for the summer absolutely,” said Martin.

Martin says some of the plants are still babies and aren’t ready to be taken home yet, but he says that shouldn’t stop you from preparing to plant sooner than later.

“The earlier you can plant and protect them, the better off you are because we are in this area where we have a short growing season already, and so if you can extend it, that’s the way to go,” said Martin.

So whether you are just getting started or are further along, north country businesses can help you spring into the new season.

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