Otis Technology donates PPE to police in St. Lawrence County

WWNY Otis Technology donates PPE to police in St. Lawrence County

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, N.Y. (WWNY) - A donation from a Lewis County manufacturer to St. Lawrence County will protect those on the front lines of COVID-19.

It’s something you just can’t have to much of: personal protective equipment, or PPE. No one knows that better than police officers working vaccine clinics.

“PPE, I don’t know if we can put a value on it. It’s so valuable to us,” said Ryan Law, Police Benevolent Association of NYS president.

Officers work those clinics proudly, but also know they could bring the disease home. So the Police Benevolent Association teamed up with a trusted partner to make it safer.

“We have the capability and the ability to do this and our country needs us. Let’s do it,” said Heather Pleskach, Otis Technology marketing director.

That’s the spirit that got Otis Technology into the PPE business last spring. The Lyons Falls company is a famed maker of gun cleaning supplies. But it’s flexible.

“It’s really rewarding and fulfilling. It just makes your job that much more important and impactful,” said Pleskach.

This week, Otis Technology is going further. It donated 8 pallet-loads of PPE to the police union.

It’s distributing them to vaccine sites throughout the state for the use of anyone working there. One of the first up was St. Lawrence County.

With more shots going in arms at county clinics, this PPE is needed.

So far, they’ve put nearly 5,000 shots in arms at St. Lawrence County Public Health clinics. And this week, they know they’ll be able to stay just a little safer.

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