With state approval, Ogdensburg could start collecting its own sales tax

Ogdensburg sales tax

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Ogdensburg city council has unanimously approved a step towards the city collecting its own sales tax.

The move comes as sales tax agreement talks between Ogdensburg and St. Lawrence County appear stalled.

New York law lets a city like Ogdensburg take a portion of the 3 percent sales tax collected by the county through a process called pre-empting.

The resolution passed by the council Wednesday night requests the state to allow the city to collect an additional 1 percent sales tax.

Ogdensburg’s current sales tax agreement with St. Lawrence County ends at the end of November and city officials say the new deal county lawmakers have proposed would give Ogdensburg less sales tax revenue.

Mayor Mike Skelly says that’s why the city has no choice but collect its own.

“We will either be collecting two cents, or possibly two-and-a-half cents of every dollar spent in the city,” Skelly said. “So, I personally feel good about it and I don’t feel like we have any other choice.”

The resolution requests the state to respond to Ogdensburg no later than September 1.

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